Many are the afflictions...

Making my way to the alter with two kiddos in each of my arms I stood there waiting for my turn to be prayed over... 

It's been a long crazy mid year with emotions everywhere and needing a refreshing prayer that everything will be alright!

As the pastor reach to me she first prayed over my children then me. She said I have been like a ship stuck with a heavy anchor, but now that anchor has been released as God is taking me into a new direction!

Then I heard it ... "Do you sing?" I said no... "Well you need to start sinning " 

There is something about praising God that breaks chains, that opens doors, that takes us into His glorious presences!

My life may feel out of control, but I don't walk by feelings or sight! I am walking by faith as I praise my way through these storms everything will be alright ❤️❤️❤️


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