Growing in Christ: Grace towards other

Lord, help me to forgive the elderly man that gave me a dirty look, was my prayer.

As I walk through Wal-Mart the other day, a couple of my kids came out of the aisle, and crossed and elderly man's pathway. Agitated that the kids crossed in front of his cart, he stop, looked at me and gave me a very unfriendly look! 

I looked at him, and kept walking. Just moments before , I was speaking to my husband about ignoring people's foolishness. Speaking to him, about not letting things people do and say get him at a constant state of anger!

Now flash forward , moments later, I must practice what I just preached!

I was very angry! So angry, that I wanted to literally punch this man in his face! As I went about finishing my shopping, I said a prayer.

Lord, help me to forgive this man. Lord, help me not to blow up, if I see him again.

Not a minute later, I saw him again. I looked at him, but he did not make any eye contact with me. I kept walking, and kept my mouth Shut!

Proverbs 16:32
He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

God thank you for your wisdom! Thank you for your humbling grace!


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