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Can Christians suffer from depression ?

Depression is something that I just didn't really hear being talked about growing up in a Christian home. It was more of always trying to be happy, or fake it till you make it! Yeah, I know, not very helpful at all! Sitting in church Sunday after Sunday, and year after year just going through the motions of what a Christian is supposed to act like and look like was no longer cutting it! Let just say the appearance of happiness does not get you very far! After years of digging into the bible for myself and purposely drawing close to Jesus for myself, I then began to really see who this amazing God we serve really is. Not only is Jesus our Savior, but He truly is our Prince of Peace! The knowledge that He will and can work out everything for our good is our peace during difficult times of depression and hopelessness. Difficult times when it seems that the enemy has declared an all-out war on our minds! When the lies of satan creep into our thought lives and try to pull us into belie

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